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Niche Marketing

To be the most successful, you should target your marketing campaign to a specific niche. If you’re spreading your links

everywhere haphazardly hoping to hit somewhere, you’re wasting a lot of effort and, probably, money too.
Don’t try too hard to narrow your niche if it’s not necessary. If your primary niche happens to be, say, males 30 to 50 years of age, then so be it. It still narrows it down for you: you won’t be spreading links of any of the popular websites for Moms or career women. However, you should still look for secondary niches to exploit. Do most of your customers drive luxury cars, or enjoy fine wines? You get the idea.Begin by figuring out what your primary niche is. This helps you to target your marketing campaign in places that your customers actually are. For example, if you make custom dog collars, your primary niche is dog owners. It’s often helpful to identify secondary niches. In this example, the general pet owners niche is also relevant. Any interest group which has an overlap with your primary niche – in other words, any community which has a high proportion of people who would be interested in your product or service – is a secondary niche where you can target potential customers.

The easiest way to go about it is to first identify the broadest definition of your target audience. Then break it down into subcategories, continuing until you find the perfect balance between specific and broad, where you are not leaving out any of your potential customers while not casting your net too widely.

Once you have identified your niches, begin to explore the marketing opportunities within them. Look for blogs, social media groups, and forums that fall within your niche, and become active within them. Your goal is to build a reputation and credibility within the niche.

NicheThere is another way to use niche attraction marketing, and that is to develop your site based on an appealing, profitable niche. If you are just starting out with an online business and haven’t yet settled on a specific product or service, you can explore niches first to help you conclude precisely what business you will do best with. Those who want to make money with a blogging site often take this approach, using their own interests and research about profitable niches to develop a topic for the blog.

As with any marketing strategy, you should be constantly reviewing your results to see which of your specific actions is most effective and which are not bringing in big numbers. Use this data to help you refine your attack, expending more effort on the effective methods and cutting lose those which are less effective.

Attraction marketing is the principle of going where your customers are, instead of advertising and hoping that your customers will find you. When you know and understand your niche, you put yourself in a position of having a highly effective marketing campaign which is more cost-effective and results in more new customers and more repeat business.

Attraction Marketing

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